I Love to Help Clients:

Reduce the impacts of stress on mental and physical health

Find more peace and joy in everyday life

Improve fulfillment, motivation, productivity, and life satisfaction

Help you learn how to stick to your plan for building a healthier lifestyle

Bust limiting self beliefs to enable you to grow and move forward in ways never expected

Learn to be a more self-aware, grounded, resilient, and effective leader

Meet Your Well-being & Resilience Coach

Hi, I'm Renea

I work with clients that want to be more self-aware, grounded, and resilient. As an ICF certified coach and mindfulness and meditation instructor, I help members live a more balanced, fulfilling life. I have experience working with clients around the world. Please keep in mind, I only speak English.

For over 11 years, I have been working in leadership and supervisor development for a large government agency to help individuals grow in their careers. I enjoy working with people to find small incremental changes they can make that lead to a more fulfilling life. I believe if one area of your life is “off,” it can affect all areas of your life. I would love to help you get to a place where you feel more in harmony.

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Love Notes from Clients


Strive for Personal and Professional Leadership

“Although working with Renea was my first coaching experience, she created a welcoming and safe environment in which I was able to open up from the very first session. Her expertise allowed us to have meaningful dialogue that promoted growth, and throughout my time in coaching the trust we built felt as if we had been working together for much longer. Renea’s professional background and certifications speak to her values and unique perspective, all of which helped me meet my coaching goals and continue the work beyond coaching to strive for personal and professional leadership.”


Beneficial to My Development

“My coaching sessions with Renea were amazing! Renea is very easy to talk to and always provided great feedback. Our sessions were very beneficial to my development and I am thankful that I was able to have her as a coach!”


A Whole Person Concept

“Renea is not just an amazing coach but a truly inspiring and compassionate person. She is so full of positive energy and commitment to her craft. I believe her background and coaching philosophy helped guide me toward a more resilient future. We focused on a whole person concept, on how mind, body, spirit and external relationships are connected and impact performance. I learned to recognize stressors outside of work and address them in order to bring my best self to the workplace.”